Wedding Invitation Wording Guide

Tips for Wedding Invitation Wording

What to Say and How to Say It:
Your Go-to-Guide for Carefully Crafting Invite Copy

Your wedding invitation wording sets the precedent for what guests can expect upon their arrival. Whether you’re keeping it classy or getting creative, there are several ways to carefully craft your copy so that it eloquently speaks to your big day.  From the inclusion of your parents’ names to the wording on your RSVP cards, at Robedee Design we’ll help you find the right things to say, and exactly how to say them. Check out our helpful guide below to make sure your wedding invitation wording is as tailored to your wedding as possible!

Wedding Invitation Wording


Some additional wedding invitation wording tips:

  • Traditionally, the bride’s name appears before the groom’s
  • Your names can be written any of the following ways, depending on your preference:
    • First names only (Victoria and Brayden)
    • First and middle names only (Victoria Ann and Brayden John)
    • First and last names (Victoria Smith and John O’Brien)
    • First, middle, and last names (Victoria Ann Smith and Brayden John O’Brien)
  • At the bottom of your invitation, be sure to include one of the following:
    • Reception to follow
    • Dinner and dancing to follow
    • Dancing and merriment to follow


After the copy is crafted for your wedding invite, the wording should complement what’s written on your Response card. We recommend using phrasing that’s easy to understand and emphasizes the fact that the reply is requested to be mailed back by a certain date. Below are some examples:

Kindly Reply by the twentieth day of July

__ accepts with pleasure
__ number of guests

__ declines with regret


Please respond by the tenth of June

__  happily accepts
__ number of guests

__ regretfully declines

The favor of a reply is requested by the twentieth day of July

__ joyfully accepts
__ number attending

__ regretfully declines


While the above options are more traditional, don’t be afraid to have a little fun with it! This is a great chance for you to get your guests excited about the big day by giving them the chance to request a song and have some fun. Here are some creative examples:

RSVP by June 1st

__wouldn’t miss it for the world
__ number of guests

__ we’ll celebrate from afar


Kindly reply by June 1st
__ will be there with dancing shoes
__ number of guests

I promise to dance, if you play_______

__ regretfully will not be bringing dance moves


Please keep in mind that if meal choices are needed for the final headcount, they need to be included on the response card as well – wording or fun icons can be created.


Your insert cards typically include reception information, accommodations, your wedding website and any weekend festivities. The wording on here will match the tone of your wedding invitation and RSVP card to keep everything consistent and reflect the overall style of your wedding day. Insert cards are completely customizable but typically include locations, times, hotel address/phone number, and shuttle information.


As we work together on creating your perfect wedding invitation suite, we will fine tune your wording to make sure it matches your special day to a tee!